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April 2012

Ready to SWIM?

Many understand the rate of return of swimming. If you swim a lot vs not really at all it is like a 5min difference or so in the TRI. BUT if you don’t swim enough right before your race or when you are going to get in the open water with others you may be setting yourself up for trouble, real trouble. Whether it is the person getting pulled out of the wavy or cold lake swim or having to go back to shore because you can’t get over the anxiety attack. Make sure you start getting in the pool for some swims asap so you are ready for May TRIs and group swims so you are safe from the dangers of your body not being ready for it!

As you increase your commitment to swim training, try to increase effort and distance gradually. Realize if you were ok with it in August doesn’t mean you will be ok 5 months later. Work on your skills like breathing on both sides, balance and sighting so you are ready for the open water swims that usually start early May.



APRIL Special


$75 Bike EMR- have you done enough or done the right intensity to get the body to burn fat well


Weekly Special at TFP. See the bright orange “SPECIAL until SUNDAY” sign *

*Check or cash only

Blood Draw

Registration is open for April 18(515-615am), 20(8-9am) & 29th(515-615am) $65 will tell you if your insides are as healthy as you think and if your supplements are the right dosage. Could help you understand how to feel better, perform better, reduce injury risks, get off meds and help you see your future!!
Over the past 8 years here is what we have seen:

Vitamin D- 80% of TFPers have been below edurance athletes recommendations which leads to a reductions in output, risk of stress fractures and reduction in overall well being

Iron Profile- 30% of TFPers have been below endurance athletes recommendations which leads to a reduction in ability to transfer oxygen which is critical to using fat as your energy which will reduce output

Cholesterol Profile- 5% of TFPers have been high, simple, behaviors need to be changed to reduce health risks in the future

Kidney & Liver indicators-  25% of TFPers have been high, little more complex but one simple thing like drinking enough to help filter body can improve this as we sweat a lot more than most

TFP only offers this 2x’s a year so get signed up! http://www.thefitnesspursuit.com/content/

Spring TRIATHLON Night

The Runner’s Edge, Libertyville, and The Fitness Pursuit of Grayslake are partnering together to provide a one night special triathlon event on Sunday, April 15th, from 5pm to 8pm, geared towards beginning and intermediate triathletes. Major triathlon apparel vendors will be present to promote their product lines and offer a significant 20% discount** on their apparel! Featured vendors include Sugoi, Pearl Izumi, TYR, Polar, Feetures Socks, M & M Cyclery, plus others.Special presentations include “How to Get Started with Triathlon Training by M. Petersen of The Fitness Pursuit and “How to Select the Proper Equipment for Your First Triathlon” by B. Klein of The Runner’s Edge.A grand raffle prize will be offered as an incentive to attend. M & M Cyclery will provide a road helmet, clip on aero bars, tri shoes. TRE will provide a running and swim package. Fitness Pursuit will provide a I-Can-TRI program for beginners and Compu Trainer sessions for Group of 4-8.

RSVP to cthomas.tre@gmail.com if you plan to go to this event

FREE  Weekly Bikes from TFP

Sundays-Starting April 1 at 830 am
Thursday-starting early May, more info to come



Clinics coming soonRegister

Why Stretching and Swimming Help Performance
Apr 09, 2012
06:00 PM – 07:00 PM
$ 10.00 15 6
Learn specific stretches for swimming. Come dressed to move.
Breathing/Relaxation Exercises
Apr 22, 2012
03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
$ 10.00 15 6
Breathing/relaxation exercises to help with injury prevention, recovery, optimal muscle functioning and pre-race jitters.

Now when you register or look at current programs available for registration you will be asked to sign in. Great feature! It will allow you to auto fill you registration form and register/pay for many programs/clinics at once.



Off Season ChallengeRegisterTFP will offer the challenge again this year with some twists!  Changes are:

  • you can do just 1 month
  • you must do a little more each month to be included in the raffle
  • a paper log will be required to turn in which will also serve as your raffle ticket for the month
  • you can earn zeros for not participating and we will post your zeros without making any assumptions but you will removed from the raffle for zero posts or not posting
  • monthly raffles will be huge, monthly coach is determining product & service raffles!!

January-Nutrition—coach Lauri
February-Run—coach Matt
March- Bike—coach Kelli
April-Swim—coach Kim

Cost $25 for One month
Cost $75 for all 4 months


  • weekly weigh in
  • attend 1 nutrition clinic by coaches/experts for free, included in program registration—many will be posted soon
  • attend 1 fat burning walk with coach(s)—many will be posted soon
  • post weekly points on TFP Forum by Sunday at 9pm


  • Pre & Post Treadmill assessment at TFP
  • attend 1 running clinic-TDA
  • attend 1 Run from TFP-TBA
  • do 1 suggested Treadmill workout at TFP
  • post weekly points on TFP Forum by Sun 9pm


  • Pre & Post Bike assessment at TFP
  • attend 1 biking clinic-TDA
  • post weekly points on TFP Forum by Sun 9pm


  • Pre & Post Swimassessment
  • attend 1 Swim clinic
  • post weekly minutes on TFP Forum by Sun 9pm

TFP Take Over Plan

TFP Take Over was designed to allow TFP to come together an show their pride and ability to the local races along with some good old fashioned competition between its athletes! TFPers will often do other races in large numbers but these will be the 3 we ask you to highly consider. Make a note in your calendar now.  After assessing past years take overs and local event schedules that TFPers tend to follow for various goals, here are the adjustments:
-Coach Matt with collaboration with coaches and athletes has chosen the events.

1. Cary Half Marathon
Sunday March 18
Registration will open and close on Dec 31stWHY?1-to get TFP running early
2-to get TFP running enough miles early
3-to challenge TFP
4-to show the local runners a TFP Take Over
5-to encourage TFP to get to race weight early in the year to handle this distance and the hills
6-to give focus to the Preseason Perfection Running Program TFP runs from Dec 31- the Sat before
2. Reach Out & Run 5k
Sat April 21st 
Registration should open early 2012WHY?1-to get TFP running fast early in the year2-to challenge TFP to push hard
3-compare to past since TFP has done this many years
4-show local runner a TFP Take Over
5-to continue to encourage race weight through going fast
6-to give a initial focus to the Super Summer Speed Running Program to
start March 20th Tue 6pm
3. Pleasant Prairie TRI/Du
Sun June 24th
Registration is openWHY?1-to get TFP racing multi-sport early
2-offers Olympic TRI, Sprint TRI, Sprint DU & Kids TRI
3-compare to past results
4-to show local multi-sporters a TFP Take Over
5-to give focus to Tri Training Program & I-Can-Tri program & TRI Clinics
Junior TRI Clinic Series

Transformation Triathlete by TFP

YOU will want to check this out. Look at the photos and see  TFP’s project for 2012. The project goal is 40lbs of weight loss and finishing an olympic tri as the first ever tri. TFP is very excited about this project. TFPers please help support this. Like it on Facebook, Post messages, High five them, Etc. We will be changing lives forever! Click here to see the Facebook page.


TFP in The News- check out the below links

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TFP is Hiring

-Personal Trainer-Need 1-2

-Massage Therapist-Need 1

-Endurance Coach-Need 1-2

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone