August News

August 2012

Slower or Fatter?


Not that you have to be faster or leaner but were your goals to be lighter and/or faster by this time? We have seen many do well but also many going int the other direction and justifying it but then again saying they don’t want it.

Time to stop it if you really want it. See what organization has led to this. Have you been missing workouts or cutting them short. Keep to your schedule. Are you more tired? Watch staying up late, extra alcohol & sugar. Did you get hurt? Ya, watch the first two along with make sure intensity is appropriate!

Have you gained a little weight? Keep stepping on the scale, studies show it helps a lot! Keep prepared with food shopping and preparation! Chose activity that makes you move. Monitor your stress from life and your workouts. Is your heart higher in the AM, are you angrier, tired, less motivated to workout, etc. Then balance the stress out with yoga, mediation, leisure activity, etc.

Now many of you know you can lose the weight and/or get faster. This may be the problem. You are scared anymore of having to kick it in but realize that the more times you have to do that, the harder it will be to continually improve to where you may want to be. And worse at some point you may not ever come back at some point if you don’t commit to it as a way of life vs a “diet” or short fix!



August Special


$50–Recovery Boots 8 weeks unlimited use. Before/after workout, before/after massage and middle of day to aid in recovery and to have greater ease.


Weekly Special at TFP. See the bright orange “SPECIAL until SUNDAY” sign *

*Check or cash only


Register for clinics here


Tuesday August 21 730pm

Is an Ironman event in your near future? Make sure you are prepared to sign up. Make sure you know what it will be like so you know it is right for you! This clinic will discuss what to be prepared for with training, schedule, symptoms and family. Come listen to coaches and past IM trained athletes. Q & A will be at the end.

 Take Over Bike Ride

Sunday September 23rd 630am
This will be a non-drop ride on the TFP Route with 2 break away pushes on Callahan’s Hills meeting up at the Ford dealer on the way out and then on Old Gilmer entrance on the way back. Plan to stop twice for hydration at the Lake Co Park on Fairfield just south of hwy 176.  Plan to draft or lead the draft the whole way so practice and study up on this. Register now and get a free pair of TFP custom Sugio Bike shorts until they run out. Once you register see TFP staff to get your shorts. The purpose of the registration is so we know how to plan for this with coaches and SAG vehicles. If you don’t show you owe $50 for the shorts! TFP shorts and Jersey’s are requested to be worn on this ride.
The purpose of the ride is:
-make sure everyone is still riding
-make sure you are riding long enough to handle 56miles
-team support
-enjoy one of the last weekends outside
-so those around our route who we are

Aquatic Pursuit

Sundays 7am Starting October 7th Mundelein Park District
Register here
The Fitness Pursuit staff administers a group swim program similar to Master Swim Programs. This programs is structured to be prepared for summer triathlon swimming. The program is held at Mundelein Park District Pool.  Sessions usually last 8 weeks. Information and registration can be done from the Mundelein Park District website.
This will fill up!


Please vote for TFP as the best gym in the area. This will help our future and yours if TFP gains more recognition in the area. Go to this page to vote.

Support TFPers @ Ironman WI

Sunday September 9th 7am-12midnight Madison WI
About 15 TFPers will be tackling IM WI. There are many TFPers planning to come. It is always great to have the support through out the day. It will also let you see what they go through to complete this ultra event. I am sure much info will be posted on the TFP Facebook. But mark your calendars.

SEDOL 5k & KIDS Sprint(mile)

Saturday Sept 15 8:30am
So much to note:
-please register asap for the event
– if  you want to be a handi-cable helper, register here, you will help a child do the 5k by pushing a wheel chair, holding a string, holding a hand and/or walking and running with them. TFP had about 40 helpers last year!! Will do so much for them and you, you can’t put it to words! Please register for the 5k if you plan to do this
-Get a youth group motivated to raise money and/or show up with the largest group. $250 will be awarded to the highest youth fundraising group and the largest group to show up at the event!!
Sponsor/Donate to Coach Matt  Ya, he wants to be the largest fundraiser but he also believes in this foundation that helps locals that just can’t keep up with financials from having to care for their child’s needs and to give opportunity to those kids that would not with a camp experience.
sign up your kids and encourage others too, lets get Lake County’s youth active! This kids sprint will be the biggest in the area, Coach Matt promises. Lets inspire!

Wellness Festival

Saturday September 29th 12-4pm Washington Square Grayslake(where TFP is)
Great festval for all ages to see some very positive offerings from businesses, organizations and charities.
-free kids haircuts
-food, wine and coffee samples
-live music
-raffles for hundreds of dollar baskets
To get more info check out the Washington Square Facebook page

3 Month Training Plan

TFP Staff has decided that the 3month Training Plan will not be offered anymore. We want to keep with our personal theme on our services. There are a lot bulk and or cheap options out there. That is not TFP. Not that they are wrong or don’t work. It is not what we want to provide. We will continue to inspire and produce!

Coming Soon

-Elite Body Comp(Late Sept)
-Don’t Fall Back Run(Early Oct)
-Junior TRI Club(Oct)
-Drop 20-40(Oct)
-Women’s Only(Sept/Oct)
-2012 Projects (Sept/Oct)
-Expanded inside schedule (Oct)
-Expanded inside schedule registration(Sept 29)

NEW Staff at TFP

Please welcome the new staff to TFP! Check out the staff page to find more info out about them and set up your sessions with them:
Derek- Personal Training, Compu Trainer, EMR/RMR, Group Endurance Programs/Clinics, Functional Weights and Weight Loss Programs
Wendy- Personal Training, RMR, Functional Weights, Beginner Fitness Programs and Weight Loss Programs
Markay- Massage Therapist