August News 2013

August 2013


Since the beginning of The Fitness Pursuit, we have been known for preparing many for Ironman. The race and the process is a lot of what makes TFP what it is. So many get it, but what is it. To some it is a challenge, something to prove, creating calm, a lifestyle, etc; but what ever it is, know that it takes commitment and dedication to such a high level. The interesting thing is that many that race Ironman seem to be the most balanced out there. Maybe because they value every minute like a High School Varsity athlete that is also an A student.

There are jut a few weeks to go in their training. I am sure they would appreciate some help & encouragement:

-ride part of their long ride with them

-ride your bike and help get them fuel on a long run

-swim part of their long swims

-kayak with them

-send them an email of support

-drop them a healthy treat

-get them a helping of fuel for a workout

-plan to come cheer on race day

-volunteer at the race

This could be you someday, Anything is Possible! If you are considering the Ironman Event for 2014, there will be a clinic on Tue Aug 27th called Ironman in Your Future to help you be prepared to make that decision.

To help hold them together in so many ways, TFP Ironman athletes get free drop ins to Yoga, Functional Weights and Compu Trainer along with free CT Rentals until race weekend. Just contact Matt to claim your drop in spot or to reserve your rental time.


August Special


$50 for 2  30min Dietician Sessions with Glori
Why Glori?
-very experienced dietician with disease management, weight management & endurance sports
-her whole family does endurance events, Marathons and Ironman, she understands the demands and how to feed these people
-by getting coached you are more likely to achieve your goals

$5 for each Zym

Why Zym?

-no calorie to not affect daily calorie goal

-electrolyte replacement when needing to replace them to maintain performance & brain

-flavored drink encourages drinking



Register for clinics here

Ironman In Your Future

Tuesday August 27th 7:30pm

Are you already planning to register for Ironman 2014? Or considering it? Either way come talk through things to consider with Coach Matt and current and past Ironman racers.


Fri Sept 6 1-2pm at Madison Hilton

Clinic will help you finalize your plan for Ironman WI 2013 now that we know the weather. Lets set plan for calories, ounces, mg of sodium and mg of caffeine and discuss the symptoms that may require adjustments to the plan.




TFP Sunday Bike Schedule


July 28-no staff available
Aug 4-Matt Endurance
Aug 11-Dan Endurance

Aug 18-Matt Endurance
Aug 25- Matt Endurance-8am Start time 8am make note!!!!!
Sept 1 Matt Endurance- 730am Start time, 730am Make note!!!!
EnduranceRideTeam=no drop, drafting, road bike recommend and some pushing for about 40miles totalEndurance= Zone 1/2 work, drafting is optional, time trial bike recommended and distances will vary from 20-56+Race= upper Zone work, no drafting, time trial bike recommended and 56miles will be encouraged



Coming Soon

August 25th 9pm Registration for Fall Programs- Drop 20-40, Don’t Fall Back Run, Swim Training Center adult and kid programs and expanded Compu Trainer, Functional  Weights & Yoga

Drop 20-40 Registration

Don’t Fall Back Run Registration

Swim Training Center offerings and timeline, see many questions answered here




Personal Trainer & Coach Dan

Please welcome Dan! He will be doing Personal Training, Functional Weights, Compu Trainer, Weight Loss Programs, Endurance Programs, Metabolic Testing and Clinics

TFP is Hiring

-Massage Therapist–looking for someone that understands how to manage the demands an athlete has on their bodies—need 1

-Sport Psychologist-looking to add a resource to athletes to help them handle the mental piece

-Physical Therapist-looking to add a resource to athletes to understand how to care for the body and steps to get back

WE produce some amazing results together!

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone.