11180163_654514788013188_420661962_nBrenda started at The Fitness Pursuit as a client in preparation for a sprint distance triathlon. Since then Brenda has enjoyed participating in various triathlon events including sprint, olympic, and half-iron distance triathlons and running events ranging from a marathon down to a 5k. Brenda likes the preparation and planning it takes to reach a fitness goal and particularly enjoys endurance events. Brenda is always active and a day typically starts with some type of physical activity. Whether it be heading to the gym for weights and swim or heading outside for a bike ride, run or even a walk. She believes when starting out it’s not what you do, but just the fact that you are moving. Brenda is excited to share her enthusiasm for fitness and motivate people to want to become active. She is looking forward to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals at The Fitness Pursuit.

Brenda’s Availability

Varied depending on day & time of year

Please email Brenda to schedule an appointment.

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