January 2013 News

January 2013


Time to Pursue

It is the season, new year’s resolutions, tradition to start a new, etc, what ever you want to call it, many in January are ready to look at getting organized to pursue something. When you are ready there are some things to think about:

The Past-recognize your achievement as it can help you appreciate, motivate and build next plan along with looking at your limiters that have challenged you

SMART Goal-Specific so it isn’t too vague to and will leave you an out, Measurable to help you set up the process and know when goal is met, Attainable to so you know it out there, Realistic so you are in touch with reality and Timely to create a end date to trend to

Support-build a team from family, friends and expert coaches that will help keep you accountable, be available emotional aid and to be a resource

Engagement- define a system that keeps you apart of the process and checking in

January Special


Save $150 on 8week Recovery Package to start in January- 4 60min massages, encouraged to be used every other week and 8 weeks of unlimited Recovery Boots= $250


Buy dotFIT Lean MR(balanced meal replacement) $45 and get 1 of each dotFIT bars free(9 different ones) $19 savings



Register for clinics here


Swim Clinic

Have your swim technique assessed, given suggestions to take with you, learn drills and assessment of speed and endurance with multiple coaches. Registration is done  with Mundelien Park District here.

Saturday Jan 26th 430-6pm

Aquatic Pursuit

Sundays 7am Starting January 27th Mundelein Park District
Register here
The Fitness Pursuit staff administers a group swim program similar to Master Swim Programs. This programs is structured to be prepared for summer triathlon swimming. The program is held at Mundelein Park District Pool.  Sessions usually last 8 weeks. Information and registration can be done from the Mundelein Park District website. You can sign up at any point of the program and be prorated as long as there are spots. Park Dist rule.
This will fill up!


How to write your own Training Plan

Sun Jan 20th 7-8pm

Now that you have your goals set for the year, lets organize the week, month and year of training. Coach Matt will help you understand what to do Mon-Sun with cardio, resistance and recovery. Make sure you have your goals and schedule ready to get very type A!

Improve Fat Utilization by Heart Rate Training

Sun Jan 27th 7-8pm

Having the ability to burn fat will help you not get tired, reduce hunger, improve what you can handle weekly and improve mechanics. TFP does EMR(exercise metabolic rate) testing that will help you understand and Coach Matt has done over 1000 of these assessments and he has coached them to some amazing transformations. He will help you understand what duration of training needs to be done in each heart rate zone to optimize your fat utilization and how to time it perfectly for a “A” race.



Weight Control Challenge

Weigh outs are the week of Jan 14th.

Here was the challenge:

-Weigh in at TFP with staff the week of Nov 12th

-Buy 1 of the dotFIT meal replacement powders(Lean, Pre/Post or Whey), 1 Adult Multi-Vit and 1 of each dotFit bar the week of Nov 12

-Weigh in at TFP with staff the week of Jan 14th

-be 2 or more pounds lighter get what you bought FREE


Bike Improvement Challenge- Dec 26th-Feb 28th

So many say they want to be faster on the bike. Here is the challenge:

-Do a Compu Trainer Time Trial in Dec with calibration measuring with in .2

-Buy 1 dotFIT BCAA, 1 Apex or dotFIT Amino Powder & 1 stimulant(dotFIT Workout Extreme or dotFIT NO or APEX NO) by Dec 28th

-after you buy your supplement package you can register for free for additional rides on the Compu Trainer designed by Coach Matt, rotating between Wattage Power Building, Hill Repeats and Race with Drafting

-Do a Compu Trainer Time Trial in Feb with calibration measuring with in .2

-be 3% or more improved in watts, get what you bought FREE


Run Improvement Challenge- Feb 18-April 19

Stay tuned!!!! Be ready for some of Matt’s Treadmill weekly workouts!!!

Blood Testing

Jan 15-5-530am, Jan 17 630-730am & Jan 19 6-7am
$65      www.thefitnesspursuit.com/content
Three slots per 15 minutes. First come, first serve. Please come five minutes before your scheduled time in order to be prepared and ready. Make sure you fast 8 hours before your scheduled time (no food or drink). This test will help you make sure your eating, supplements, body weight, behaviors, etc are helping you feel the best you can.

Junior TRI Club

TFP’s Junior TRI Club registration is open.
Coach Matt will be getting the Junior Club Program running for the 7weeks for free if you are serious about being in the program. Min of 8 & max of 16. Ages 11-14. Mon & Wed 4-5pm. Mon & Wed will include Compu Trainer & Weights & Short Run if needed. www.thefitnesspursuit.com/content

TFP Night @ M&M Cycles

Thur Feb 21st 530-830pm

Come talk to TFP Coaches, M&M Sales Experts and Bike/Parts/Accessory Reps. Great chance to see some of the best stuff out there. If you are ready to buy a custom bike, new bike and/or gear their will be a nice discount!

 TFP Take Over Plan

TFP Take Over was designed to allow TFP to come together an show their pride and ability to the local races along with some good ole fashion competition between its athletes! TFPers will often do other races in large numbers but these will be the 3 we ask you to highly consider. Make note in your calendar now.After assessing past years take overs and local event schedules that TFPers tend to follow for various goals. Coach Matt with collaboration with coaches and athletes has chosen the events.
1. Cary Half Marathon
Sunday March 17
Registration will open and close on Dec 31st at 6am
1-to get TFP running early
2-to get TFP running enough miles early
3-to challenge TFP
4-to show the local runners a TFP Take Over
5-to encourage TFP to get to race weight early in the year to handle this
distance and hills
6-to give focus to the Preseason Perfection Running Program TFP runs from Jan 5- the Sat before
2. Reach Out & Run 5k
Sat April 20th (estimated)
Registration should open early 2013WHY?
1-to get TFP running fast early in the year
2-to challenge TFP to push hard
3-compare to past since TFP has done this many years
4-show local runner a TFP Take Over
5-to continue to encourage race weight through going fast
6-to give a initial focus to the Super Summer Speed Running Program to
start March 18th Tue 6pm
3. Pleasant Prairie TRI/Du
Sun June 22nd & 23th
Registration is openWHY?
1-to get TFP racing multi-sport early
2-offers Kids TRI, Olympic TRI, Sprint TRI, Sprint DU & Kids TRI
3-compare to past results
4-to show local multi-sporters a TFP Take Over
5-to give focus to Junior TRI Club, Tri Training Program & I-Can-Tri program, TRI Clinics &
Junior TRI Clinic Series



Coming Soon

Feburary Recovery Clinic like no other! Feb 17 3-5pm

April Super Summer Speed Run Program & Triathlon Training Program

Swim Challenge


Dietitian Services

Welcome Dietitian Glori Weinert!  She will work with many of TFP’s programs and work 1:1. She is a great addition to help TFPers understand how to organize and feed the body to reach your goals. 1:1 is $65/hr.


TFP is Hiring

-Massage Therapist-Need 1

-Personal Trainer/Coach that can teach Swimming to all ages-Need 1

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone