January News 2016


January 2016                            

Nutrition’s key components

It is not 1986 anymore. A lot has been studied to decide what components are important for nutrition. It can be understood that you feel confused at times or you want to act confused to eat the way you enjoy. Realize that enjoy is learned and you can be different soon.

Here are the key components:

-we need veggies, often, all sorts, all colors

-carbohydrates need to lower glycemic, higher fiber and limit processed

-proteins are needed but can be over eaten or unnecessarily eaten

-fats are critical and studies are continue to show all sorts are ok

-macros can flux for your normal but should be kept similar as you adapt to the norm

-enough fluid is needed every day, water seems to be one of the best sources

-logging food helps you understand your norm and what to improve on



$80 Premium Nutrition Coaching= 1 month of daily review of your food logging in dotFIT*
This will help you be accountable and adjust your meals to meet your goals!!


$50 Support Package= 1 dotFIT Multi + 1 dotFIT Lean MR + 7 dotFIT Protein Bar*
Package is set up to support daily nutrition plan by helping fill in gaps of nutrition and perfect meal choices.*
*Check or cash only 


Register for clinics here

Swimming Form and Peer Review Clinic

Saturday January 9th 10-11am

Time to swim faster and farther with less effort. Swim in the endless pool with mirrors to help with your technique and form. Bonus come and check out what coaches are looking at in the freestyle stroke with peer review. This will help you understand the proper form to become more streamline…all ages and abilities welcome.

Progress Your Child’s Swim Skills

Sunday January 10th 12:30-1:30pm

For Parent & child(4-7). Come learn how to work with your child to help progress the skills they are learning in swim lessons. You both will be in the water.

Restorative Yoga

Sunday January 17th 7pm

With training and racing creating a lot of stress on the body, come to this gentle Yoga session to promote recovery.

Keeping Kids Active

Tuesday January 19th 7pm

Come learn about the current methods suggested to keep our youth active in this time of technology and growing childhood obesity.

Achieving the Right Race Weight

Tuesday January 19th 7:30pm

Are you ready to be competitive? Are you wondering if there is too light? What body fat to target? Register!

Achieving BIG Weight Loss

Sunday January 24th 7pm

If you have 20+ Pounds to lose, you are ready to do it now and you want to get organized to do it right. Register!

Supplementing & Eating for improving blood results

Sat January 30th 10am
Learn how to improve how you feel with food & supplements from your blood test results. Bring your questions on your blood test results

Metabolic Efficiency Eating

Sunday January 31st 7pm

Come to learn about how to eat, snack & fuel to burn fat, AKA Metabolic Efficiency, to improve health, performance and feeling

Self Massage/Gentle Yoga

Sunday February 14th 3:30pm

This clinic is about exploring ways to stretch your body and your brain at the same time. The key to effectiveness is ensuring the brain/body feel safe (stable) in chosen movements. Once our brain feels safe, it can bring more attention to your work-out regime. By bringing attention to the movements, you ignite new patterns of learning. This means, taking back control of your body. We were not meant to just coast through life having to deal with pain and injury or lack of mobility. This clinic will help our body and brain function better together. You will learn different stretches that can be done in combination with the self massage techniques for areas of the body that suffer most from tightness and strain due to training (no yoga experience necessary).

Youth Rock Climbing

Saturday January 16th  2pm

Lets have some off season fun & get our youth together so they can get to know each other more before training builds at TFP. Please register on TFP page so numbers can be called in. Fee & Paperwork is done at Libertyville Sports Complex

Youth Swim & Run

Saturday January 23rd 10am-11am

Lets have some off season fun & a workout for our juniors, ages 6-14. Girls in STC first. Boys running first. For the swim they need suit, towel, goggles & need to be able to swim or stand up in 5ft of water. For the run they need to be dressed for the temps for being outside for 20min.

Youth CT

Friday January 29th 6pm

Bike training for youth ages 6-14 to help them understand how to work different efforts, technique and TRI talk

Coming Soon

Senior offerings

Youth offerings

Summer Schedule

Blood Draws

Mon Jan 11th 730am & 745am

Tue Jan 12th 5am & 515am

Sat Jan 16th 6am & 615am

Three slots per 15 minutes. First come, first serve. Please come five minutes before your scheduled time in order to be prepared and ready. Make sure you fast 8 hours before your scheduled time (no food or drink).

Off Season Monthly Challenges


Pay $100 or Buy EMR or RMR, dotFIT Multi-Vit and Lean MR

Month Includes-Weekly Weigh In, Weekly Food Log Review in dotFIT.com and 2 Body Fat Assessments.

Goal-to reach your body composition goal, feel better and perform greater.

Challenge include logging water, food, weight and exercise the whole month. All those that do are put into the monthly drawing.


Pay $100 or buy dotFIT NO7 & Aminoboost

Month Includes-free treadmill rentals, Matt’s weekly workout and 12min(mens) or 14min(womens) assessment

Goal-to improve run ability and prepare for 2016 events

Challenge include logging weekly mileage, completing Matt’s Run and both assessments. All those that do are put into the monthly drawing.


Pay $100 or buy Goggles & Underwater Swim Video Session

Month Includes-free STC rentals, Matt’s weekly workout and 5min assessment

Goal-to improve swim ability and prepare for 2016 events

Challenge include logging weekly yardage, completing Matt’s Swim and both assessments. All those that do are put into the monthly drawing.


Pay $100 or buy dotFIT Pre/Post & CT Spin Scan Session

Month Includes-free CT rentals of Matt’s weekly workout and 1 Spin scan session a week

Goal-to improve bike ability and prepare for 2016 events

Challenge include logging weekly mileage, completing 1 of Matt’s Rental Rides a week, 1 Spin Scan Session a week and both Time Trials. All those that do are put into the monthly drawing.

TFP Take Overs:

Little change per feedback & assessment

Cary Half Marathon- March 20th, register on Dec 31st at 6am =  this gets everyone running early in the year and encourages a lighter runner

Grayslake 5k- July 9th, registration will open soon= this will allow speed training after Cary along with supporting our City’s race

Wauconda Youth TRI- July 23, registration will be soon=this allows for more TRI Training to target a local race

Wauconda Sprint or Olympic or Relay TRI- July 24, registration will be soon=this allows for more TRI Training to target a local race

Class being added:

Compu Trainer

Sat 530am

Functional Weights

Sat 645am-Bootcamp Style

STC Adult

Mon 8pm

Wed 6pm LEVEL 1=Learn To Swim

Thur 9am

Sat 630am

STC Youth

Tu 430pm L2

Wed 5pm L2

Thur 1030am Parent & Tot

Preseason Perfection

Tuesday 845am & 615pm(Terrain/Hill run) AND Saturday 8am(long run)

Program will focus on being run prepared for 2016. The program will focus on being prepared for the Cary Half Marathon on March 20th but not a requirement. Along with the Sat 8am longer run and/or skill work will be during a weekly Tuesdays 845am and/or 615pm. We are making sure you are really ready!

Aquatic Pursuit

January 31-May 1 Session

Sundays  6:50am

At Mundelein Park District Pool

Program has 4 lanes in 25yard pool. 4-6 people per lane by speed/ability. From Sept to May the workouts will progress in distance. The fall will have skill & drill focus. Winter speed & power development. Spring speed & endurance development. I have been leading large adult swim programs for 13yrs. I am confidence you will see yourself improve & be prepared for 2016!!
Register here if you have an account. If you don’t have an account you need to contact the park district.


Triathlon Training

Saturdays 6:30am-8:15am April 2nd-August 20th

Designed for those who are trying to go fast, ready for intense sessions and for those that appreciate experienced coaches finding more ability in them. Workouts will vary from single sport, to brick workouts and will vary location not too far from TFP. All abilities are encouraged. Must be able to swim 5min non stop, have a road or TRI bike and be able to run 4miles.

Super Summer Speed

Tuesdays 8:45am & 6pm April 5th-September 27th

Proven results! Program will be laid out systematically to increase running pace with various speed workouts like fartleks, intervals, hills and tempo. Program will include weekly running suggestions to work toward season goal. All levels are encouraged to sign up. Must be able to run 4miles. Will have 8:45am option to do either it or 6pm each week on Tue.


Saturdays June 25th-July 16th 830am

Designed for those who are trying to complete their first TRI and/or are still new to the sport. Program will help you feel prepared and conditioned enough for race day.Workouts will vary from single sport, to brick workouts and will vary location not too far from TFP. Program will prepare you for the Wauconda Sprint TRI on July 24. Each week will have a workout and education items. A weekly training plan will be provided. Goggles, swimsuit, bike, helmet and new running shoes are required.

Under Water Video Taping

Here is your chance to be able to hear and see what you are doing with your swim stroke. Set up a session with staff for your video taping.

Fee is $80/hr

You get the files from the session.

Rentals @ TFP

Rentals can be done at TFP. This means you get use of the facility but without coaching

STC Swim Lane-times will be posted on the Registration page. $15 per person per hour.

How they work-show up at your time, you get to use 1 lane, have suit, towel and goggles and you may use the timers

Compu Trainer-options are when CT or Yoga is not happening and when staff is at TFP, which is most of the other hours. Email Matt to reserve a rental. $15 per person per hour

How they work-show up 10-15min before to set up, you get use of the room for 1hr, let coach know what type of terrain or wattage course you want, set up your bike, have fuel for your ride, after you have warmed up enough to calibrate, let coach know to calibrate you, calibrate, coach will start you and then clean up after yourself.

Treadmill-options for a treadmill on that not so nice day outside/you want to hit those pace intervals and when PT clients are not using the treadmills. Email Matt to request a time. $10 per person per hour

How they work- you get to use the treadmill for 1hr, you can use 1 or more fans if available, you can open door if reasonable, have fuel needed for run and clean up after yourself.



-Personal Trainer-looking to add a diversely skilled person that can coach swim, bike, run and weights

-Sport Psychologist-looking to add a resource to athletes to help them handle the mental piece–need 1

Thank you for the referrals!!! New offerings to come;)

WE produce some amazing results together!

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone.