July News 2013

July 2013

2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships Olympic and Sprint

USA Triathlon Nationals

With the obesity epidemic and many adults not even able to swim other than to save their life, anyone able to qualify for Nationals ought to be commended! What does it take? Being in the top 10% in a USAT sanctioned short course TRI, top 33% in a regional qualifier or earning All American or Honorable Mention level by earning points in USAT races. None of these are as easy as showing up! You have to be able to swim, bike and run fairly fast. These athletes have to master the 3 sports, maintain a healthy body fat and learn how to eat to train and recover.

This event comes to a region for 2 years and then moves to another region. The interesting thing is that WI is not in our region. We are with the Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. So the chances of this event coming within an hour is pretty unlikely unless Chicago can land it. This may be unlikely too as the ITU World series is coming to Chicago for 2 years.

We would really appreciate if many TFPers can come cheer and volunteer!! Coach Lauri and Coach Matt are competing along with about 20 other TFPers. To volunteer go to this page.

TFP is offering some additional Compu Trainer Rental sessions for Free to help those going to compete at Nationals. Register here.

We would like to recognize Christina Barcus for qualifying for USAT DU Nationals and then qualifying for USAT DU WORLDS 2013!!! HUGE accomplishment!

July Special


Damage Reduction Package- 1 Exercise Metabolic Rate Assessment + 1 60min Massage + 8weeks of unlimited Recovery Boots + 8weeks of Altitude Training

dotFIT Bars- buy 5 get 2 free



Register for clinics here
Most registration will open on Sun June 9th at 9pm.

Lake Michigan Swim Clinic

Thursday July 11th 6pm leaving from TFP, return at 845pm

Are you doing a TRI that will have a swim in Lake Michigan or want some extra swim group training? You will learn how to deal with Lake Michigan, group starts, exits, drafting, sighting and issues that you may be faced with.

Cycling 101

Tuesday July 16th 6-7pm

For new & veteran riders- bike handling, cornering, feeding, drinking, shifting & clipping in/out. **Be prepared to bike.–Coach Kelli

Junior TRI Clinic

July 22 6-7pm

Lets have our juniors, ages 8-14, ready for their event. They will talk through and practice swim to bike to run at Jones Island with Coach Matt

Fueling Run Event

Tue July 23 730-830pm

Come talk through All distances from 5k to Marathon so you know what hydration, salt, calories and what products are needed to set up your plan for your running event.—Coach Matt

Restorative Yoga

Sun 730pm July 21 & Aug 4

With training and racing creating a lot of stress on the body, come to this session to promote recovery. Yoga Instructor Carrie will be leading this clinic.


Fri Sept 6 1-2pm at Madison Hilton

Clinic will help you finalize your plan for Ironman WI 2013 now that we know the weather. Lets set plan for calories, ounces, mg of sodium and mg of caffeine and discuss the symptoms that may require adjustments to the plan.




TFP Sunday Bike Schedule


July 28-no staff available
Aug 4-Matt Endurance
Aug 11-Dan Endurance
EnduranceRideTeam=no drop, drafting, road bike recommend and some pushing for about 40miles totalEndurance= Zone 1/2 work, drafting is optional, time trial bike recommended and distances will vary from 20-56+Race= upper Zone work, no drafting, time trial bike recommended and 56miles will be encouraged



Coming Soon

Drop 20-40 Registration

Don’t Fall Back Run Registration

Swim Training Center offerings and timeline




Light & Long Run Program

July 20-OCT 5 645-915am Rollins Savanna

Program will include multiple coaches(up to 5 available if program fills) running and/or biking up to 2.5hrs along with 2 provided water aid stations about every 1.5miles. Program is designed for those that love to run, plan to run Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultras, half Ironman and/or Ironman. Program price includes EMR to help you learn where to run and also the Run Fuel clinic which will help you learn/understand how to fuel these sessions.

Yoga Instructor Carrie

Please welcome Carrie! She will be another great instructor to help us all keep balance in our training. Get signed up for the Restorative sessions this summer and look for classes to be added once school starts up.

Personal Trainer & Coach Nikki

Please welcome Nikki! She will be doing Personal Training, Functional Weights, Compu Trainer, Weight Loss Programs, Endurance Programs and Clinics

TFP is Hiring

-Massage Therapist–looking for someone that understands how to manage the demands an athlete has on their bodies—need 1

-Personal Trainer/ TRI Coach- looking for physical ability to be able to keep up and push clients and assist with TRI, Swim, Bike & Run programs/clinics—need 1-2

**Both can have current clients they want to locate to a studio space or no local clients.
Staff at TFP works as a TEAM vs their own business!

-Sport Psychologist-looking to add a resource to athletes to help them handle the mental piece

-Physical Therapist-looking to add a resource to athletes to understand how to care for the body and steps to get back

WE produce some amazing results together!

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone.