Exercise Metabolic Rate

Find your current heart rate training zones and fuel efficiency with the EMR assessment.  It can be done on a elliptical, bike and/or treadmill and will determine the following:

  • How many calories you burn while exercising
  • How well do you burn fat (for performance or weight loss goals)
  • How you should  train to meet your future goals
  • How you should train in order to prevent injuries and bonking
  • What is the fastest you can race
  • What your potential is per your VO2 Max
  • What your correct Heart Rate Training Zones are
Resting Metabolic Rate

Nutrition and physical exercise are two key components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Understanding your resting metabolism can help you manage your caloric requirements along with exercising. The RMR assessment will help you understand:

  • How many calories do you burn at rest
  • How many calories you should consume to lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight
  • How many calories you should eat while exercising
  • How well are you burning fat at rest to reduce chance of fatigue
  • carb burner ( becoming insulin resistant) or a fat burner to help your metabolic efficiency

***Current studies indicate 75% of the ability to burn fat is related to your calories you choose and 25% if related to your physical training.

Reminders for both Tests:

-3 hours before, no caffeine or food

-no workout on that day

-nothing too strenuous the day before

-bring testing mask from previous test or plan to buy one

-remove all batteries from devices & remove bluetooth devices from bike and body like Garmin Cadence and Fitbit