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As you have probably noticed coming into TFP, emails and Facebook postings, we have transitioned from APEX to dotFIT. You will quickly see a similarity, why, dotFIT’s CEO was the founder of APEX and about 5 years ago he and many of his team left as they sensed the APEX company changing. Most of the product line has similar purposes but even higher accountability to it being pure & proven before they put out or adjust a product. There are powders, bars, capsules and the armband like we have always had. See the TFP Staff to be walked through the product.

November Special


Pick 4 or more services/programs and get 15% off. Must consult TFP staff & list clearly with payment.*


ZYM= 3 for $20, also get a sample while they last by the towels*

*Check or cash only


Register for clinics here


Swim Clinic

Have your swim technique assessed, given suggestions to take with you, learn drills and assessment of speed and endurance with multiple coaches. Registration is done  with Mundelien Park District here.

Saturday Nov 17th 430pm

Aquatic Pursuit

Sundays 7am Starting December 3 Mundelein Park District
Register here
The Fitness Pursuit staff administers a group swim program similar to Master Swim Programs. This programs is structured to be prepared for summer triathlon swimming. The program is held at Mundelein Park District Pool.  Sessions usually last 8 weeks. Information and registration can be done from the Mundelein Park District website.
This will fill up!

Weight Control Challenge

So many are trying to lose weight now but many more gain. Here is the challenge:

-Weigh in at TFP with staff the week of Nov 12th

-Buy 1 of the dotFIT meal replacement powders(Lean, Pre/Post or Whey), 1 Adult Multi-Vit and 1 of each dotFit bar the week of Nov 12

-Weigh in at TFP with staff the week of Jan 14th

-be 2 or more pounds lighter get what you bought FREE




Coming Soon


Announcements of additional programs- Compu Trainer, Long Course Compu Trainer, January Run Program, Junior Programs, Drop 20-40 January dates, clinics and Dietician


TFP will be structuring a 3 Tier System:


1.Getting People Started

2.Showing how to complete

3.Being a Top Performer

Weight Loss

1. 50+ pounds to lose and not able to workout

2.20+ pounds to lose and able to workout

3. Looking to at top performing race weight or “beach body”


1.Getting started