October News

October 2012

Time to Fall Back—nooooooooooooo

Might be time to do this to your clock, but so many of you have worked so hard and gotten so far to let go of your ability or achievements! Don’t let the speed improvements, strength, weight loss, etc go!!!! Just like our running program, Don’t Fall Back on Sat at 8am, we are doing hard intervals to keep if not improve ability.  With kids in school, not many races, etc it is a great time to work on improving you. Look at what you have become, what would you like to see next year? Do you want to be leaner, faster, stronger, etc, set goals, set and action plan and get to it now before you create a hole to dig out of!

September Special


$5 per Functional Weights Drop In-must email Matt to claim open spot


All Apex Powders, Buy 1 get 1 50% off if you add to the commitment wall at TFP

*Check or cash only


Register for clinics here

Trail Running

Have you wanted to disappear and run up and down trails in the woods vs the road or crushed gravel local trails? You will love this clinic!! Come learn about how to enjoy trail running with coach Matt & Derek! This will create a new love for running for you!

Sunday October 21

Leave TFP at 830am

Estimated return to TFP 1230pm

Ironman Training

Information on what Ironman Training and racing is like. Registration is done  with Mundelien Park District here.

Saturday October 20 3pm


Swim Clinic

Have your swim technique assessed, given suggestions to take with you, learn drills and assessment of speed and endurance with multiple coaches. Registration is done  with Mundelien Park District here.

Saturday October 20 430pm


Ironman Coaching Package

TFP coaches will present on what training for Ironman is like and what coaching package they will be offering. This is a must if you plan to do the coaching package with TFP for 2013 Ironman!

Thursday October 25  730pm



Aquatic Pursuit

Sundays 7am Starting October 7th Mundelein Park District
Register here
The Fitness Pursuit staff administers a group swim program similar to Master Swim Programs. This programs is structured to be prepared for summer triathlon swimming. The program is held at Mundelein Park District Pool.  Sessions usually last 8 weeks. Information and registration can be done from the Mundelein Park District website.
This will fill up!


Tue Oct 16 Yoga 730pm

Th Oct 18 Yoga 9am

Sat Oct 20

CT 645am(special Gatorade pack)

F Wts 645am(special Gatorade pack)

CT 8am(special Gatorade pack)

Yoga 915am

Special Gatorade pack= a pre, during and post Gatorade pack to help you see how G products can help you perform at a higher level. You will get an email with information after you register.


Coming Soon


-YOGA(start week of Oct 22nd)- Tu 730pm, Wed 745pm, Th 630am, Th 730pm & Sat 915am
View descriptions for above programs here

Women’s Only Weight Loss–New Program

NEW Program, just for ladies. Goal is to create a weight loss goal that is ideal for 10weeks for you along with creating a healthier conditioning level with weekly workouts and becoming the more toned you that you want to see! Program will be 90min, Wednesdays starting Oct 17th 6-730pm.