September News 2013

September 2013


Anything is Possible!

Whether you want to get faster, go longer, do new, get leaner, gain muscle and/or learn a new skill TFP is ready to help you! January may be the “New Years Resolution” time but September is a new beginning with school starting, events ending and weather changing. Most really set up well to change their body composition this time of year whether you are an endurance athlete or finally ready to make a change in your body composition. TFP is ready with it’s Elite Body Comp, Drop  20-40, Armband Coaching, Bodymedia Armbands, Personal Training and Supplements. Lets get your body where you want it in the months to come to show you anything really is possible and to surprise you really how much the change in body will make!

Lighter/leaner-makes you faster on the run and probably the bike

Stronger-makes you faster at all 3 if you aren’t too muscular for the run

Both probably make you feel come confident and reduce your risk of injury.


September Special


Armband Coaching- 1 Premium Month $90
Why Armband Coaching?
Your daily review will increase your success in changing your body by getting feedback on your food and activity. Your daily logging is also one of the top 10 items for weight management!

$15 for dotFIT’s Fat Release, Carb Repel or ThermAccel


The dotFIT weight management capsules are designed to increase your success rate, Fat Release to help you use your fuel better, Carb Repel to help reduce sensations needing food and ThermAccel to help you increase your burn and motivation.



Register for clinics here

Food Logging on dotFIT

Tue Sept 17 8-9pm at TFP

Since all TFP services and programs require use of the dotFIT Bodymedia and online logging system, TFP wants to make sure you have a chance to walk through how to take advantage of the system to help you with your weight & energy management.


Swim Clinic

Sat Sept 21 10-2:30pm at Swim Training Center

Multiple coaches will assess technique & make suggestions for improvement with drills and form changes. Coaches are Ironman finishers, Top Age Grouper in Swim, College Swim Coaches and Ex-College Level Swimmers. Trust when we say you won’t want to miss this! You will be blown away and leave knowing items to work on before your next clinic at TFP’s STC.





TFP helps out every year to support this event. Sept 14th at 830 is the race. At 8am we will meet to get organized for to help the Handi-Capable Runners. 915ish should be the kids race. Please register for the 5k if you can help and get your kids signed up for the mile run, highlighting this year, Beat-A-Bear, multiple ex Chicago Bears will supporting this event!! If you can help, also email Matt so he can give you the details for Sat.


Wellness Festival

Oct 26 12-4 will Washington Square’s Wellness Festival. A lot of healthy fun for all ages! Trick or Treating, Games, Face Painting, Kids Hair Cuts, Raffles, Wine Tasting, Specials and much more! Mark the date!!!


TFP Sunday Bike Schedule


Sept 15-Matt-TEAM
Sept 22-Matt TRAIL
Sept 29-Matt-830am-RACE

Oct 6-Matt-830am-TEAM
Team=no drop, drafting, road bike recommend and some pushing for about 40miles totalEndurance= Zone 1/2 work, drafting is optional, time trial bike recommended and distances will vary from 20-56+Race= upper Zone work, no drafting, time trial bike recommended and 56miles will be encouragedTrail= leave from TFP, 2hrs of trail riding per availability/conditions of trails



Coming Soon

Swim Training Center offerings for kids

NEW dotFIT caffeine & protein bars



Personal Trainer & Coach Ron

Please welcome Ron! He will be doing Personal Training, Swim Coaching, Functional Weights, Compu Trainer, Weight Loss Programs, Endurance Programs, Metabolic Testing and Clinics

TFP is Hiring

-Massage Therapist–looking for someone that understands how to manage the demands an athlete has on their bodies—need 1

-Sport Psychologist-looking to add a resource to athletes to help them handle the mental piece

-Physical Therapist-looking to add a resource to athletes to understand how to care for the body and steps to get back

WE produce some amazing results together!

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone.