Barb Bradley



Goals Achieved: Ever since high school, I had wanted to complete a triathlon, half and full marathon!

Races completed:

Chicago Triathlon 1998 (sprint) & 2006 (Olympic)
Danskin Triathlon (sprint) 2004 & 2005
Pleasant Prairie 2004 (sprint) & 2005 (Olympic)
Galena Triathlon (sprint) 2005 & 2006
Steelhead 70.3 Half Ironman 2006
Making Great Strides Half Marathon 2005
Libertyville Half Marathon 2004 & 2005
March Madness Half Marathon 2006 & 2007
Chicago Marathon 2006
Boston Marathon 2007

How TFP Helped Me Reach My Goals:  TFP has taught me how to run faster, bike stronger, prepare for races, and how to deal with setbacks.

What’s Next?  Bigfoot Triathlon (Olympic), Steelhead 70.3 Half Ironman, Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon, and helping my 7-year old son get ready for his first triathlon!

What advice do you have for other TFP Athletes? Anything is possible and anything can happen, both good and bad. Try to see the positive side in all you do.