Ray Turner

Occupation:  IT Professional

Races completed:

Niles Tower Triathlon Sprint 2005
Harbor Lights Triathlon Sprint 2005
Lake Zurich Triathlon Olympic Relay 2005
Pleasant Prairie Triathlon Olympic 2005, 2006
Condell Distance Classic 10K (Thanks Diane 🙂 ) 2005
Prairie Crossing 5K 2005
Equestrian 1/2 Marathon 2006, 2007
Galena Triathlon Sprint 2006
Bigfoot Triathlon Olympic 2006
Muncie 1/2 Ironman 2006
Chicago Marathon 2006
Beloit Biathlon 2007
Lincolnshire 5K 2007
Pardeeville Sprint Triathlon 2007

How TFP Helped Me Reach My Goals: TFP has helped me in many ways. I have attained goals that I didn’t think were possible. I have never been a runner, and Matt brought me to a level where I even completed the Chicago Marathon within two years of working with him, and most importantly “INJURY FREE”! My running experience began with running a minute then walking for 5 minutes. I still don’t consider myself a runner but my friends say I am now. The group sessions are a great help. Working out with a group of people who have similar aspirations helps with the mental aspect of training. You find many people to share ideas and struggles with to help get you through the tough times. In other words you are not alone!

What’s Next? Improving my balance in life between family, exercise and work. I will continue to incorporate exercise into my life which is important for everyone. I hope to continue to participate in triathlons and running events in the future as they provide me a reward for the hard work put in. Upcoming events are the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon and a running event, either a 5K, 10K or the trail 1/2 marathon.

What advice do you have for other TFP Athletes? I have thought about this and do not want to use a cliche, but a friend of mine mentioned a phrase that I believe really applies, “What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.” It is important to follow a plan, stick with it, and listen to your body. I have been very fortunate to have participated in these events over the last several years and have done so without injury. If I felt tightness or an ache, I did not follow the phrase “No pain, no gain.” I took the appropriate precautions to stay active but cautious and not injure myself. Take care of the injuries now, don’t stress about short goals, and stay healthy so you can enjoy your retirement years. Get involved with a group of people who are working toward similar goals. I cannot mention all of the friends that I have made since joining the TFP programs as there are many. I would not have accomplished a lot of what I have done without their support and cameraderie. Lastly, I appreciate being asked to provide my experiences here. I was hesitant to be listed among the “Success Stories” as there are so many others in TFP more worthy of this. I hope this provides an inspiration for those who are uncertain of exercising or participating in an athletic event. No matter what age you are, get out and try it. If I can do it, you can! Remember always finish with a smile!