Terry Wrzesinski

Occupation:  Educator, Mother, Wife, and Triathlete!

Goals Achieved:
Education: BA, Masters (MEd), CAS.
Athletic Accomplishments: Danskin Tri 2005 & 2006, Pleasant Prairie Tri 2005 & 2006, 5Ks, and a 10K.

How TFP Helped Me Reach My Goals: I have really benefited from TFP’s many group programs, such as PC Tri, last fall’s Strength & Conditioning Group, and Off-Season Adventure. These groups were led by the very knowledgeable and physically fit Coach Matt, who has inspired and endured us all. I mean this in a good way, as it is tough to coach so many chatty women all at once! However, Coach Matt has a good nature and a good heart and he has changed our lives for the better. In addition, I have made so many new friends by participating in these group programs. My teammates have so much positive energy it is difficult not to love them all and cheer them on in all their accomplishments. Lastly, living in Prairie Crossing is heaven to a triathlete. We have water for swim practice, smooth roads to bike, and the trails to run. I have such a different appreciation of our community surroundings since being involved with these activities through TFP.

What’s Next? My biggest two challenges this year are training for the Pleasant Prairie Olympic Distance Triathlon and my first half marathon. If I can stay injury free, I will get there!

What Advice Do You Have for Other TFP Athletes? Laugh often, maintain a positive attitude, and keep reaching for your goals because there is always a finish line and we feel great when we step over the line! As the Danskin Medal reads, “The Woman who starts the race is not the same Woman who finishes the race.” Those who have finished a triathlon, 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, half Ironman, Ironman or any race (!) knows the true meaning of this statement. It is never too late to start. Not only will you be an inspiration to adults, but you are an inspiration to children who see you in athletic competition, developing friendships and routines, and enjoying God’s created environment. My family has endured my time away while I train; but, as a result, I feel I am a better person when I am with them. My children see me in my gear and ask, “Are you swimming, biking or running today?” They have been troupers and I owe a lot to them for having a positive attitude while I am away training.