Becky Hadesman

Occupation: Mom

Goals Achieved: I decided to pursue triathlon training last year. My first goal was to stay healthy and complete a sprint triathlon, which I did last year at the Danskin race. This year, I achieved my goal of breaking 1:15 in a sprint, also at Danskin. I also wanted to stay injury free, get faster, and complete an Olympic distance race.
Races Completed:
• Danskin 2007/2008
• Wauconda Sprint Tri 2007
• Naperville Tri 2008
• Pleasant Prairie Olympic Triathlon 2008
• Several running races.
How has TFP Helped Me Reach My Goals: The biggest thing that TFP has done for me is to help me to train smart. By incorporating sufficient recovery, proper nutrition and diversified training, I have been able to achieve my goals and feel better than ever doing it. If you asked me two years ago when I was always injured and frustrated, I would have predicted that I would only be doing pilates and yoga and not much else. Thanks to TFP I am learning to love a new sport and feeling great at 43 years old!
What’s Next? My season will be finished with the Pleasant Prairie Olympic. Then I will begin to think about next year’s goals. I can’t believe that I am thinking about a Half Ironman. I would also like to continue to get faster at sprint distances. My biggest goal is to remain healthy.
Advice for Other TFP Athletes: Commit to the process and believe in yourself and your trainer. Everyone has the ability to achieve great things.