Athletic Performance Services

Whatever your sport of choice is, from team sport to individual, from power based to endurance based, The Fitness Pursuit has services to help you pursue your goals no matter how small or large they are. Listed below are essential services for any performance athlete. Click on the services for more information.

Weight Loss Services

At TFP, we understand that individuals want to lose weight for a variety of reasons. Either they are interested in reaching an optimum weight goal for athletic performance, or they are striving to look better or to feel healthier by shedding those extra pounds. Whatever your reason, the coaches of TFP can help you meet your goal. Click the icons below to learn more information about suggested programs or services in either weight management category.

 Personal Coaching / Training

Exercise & Resting Metabolic Rate


Functional Weights


Altitude Training

Body Bugg Coaching

Training Plans


Group Programs – Running

Group Programs Triathlon


Bike Mechanics

Race Shadowing