Vira II aTruth be told I was not all that impressed with yoga when I first began.  Growing up as a multi-sport athlete I was used to training hard, which meant increasing my heart rate, breaking a sweat and feeling exhausted when I was done.  Being “healthy” was defined by how fast I could run a mile or if I could play a 90-minute soccer game.  Health, back then, had nothing to do with supporting myself physically and mentally through a healthy lifestyle.  However, as the years passed, running a mile was not even an option as the pain from fibromyalgia became too debilitating.  Frustrated with doctors willing to band-aid my symptoms with medications but no real explanation as to the cause of my problems, I looked for other alternatives to healing.  I turned to yoga and a diet of whole foods and never looked back.  Yoga gives me a scientific framework to support my body and mind and my fibromyalgia symptoms continue to improve as my practice deepens.  Yoga has been a powerful influence in my life and my lifestyle change has shifted my perspective on the meaning of true health and wellness.  I received my certification in Hatha yoga through the Temple of Kriya Chicago where I had the privilege of studying with Kim Schwartz and David Lipschutz and I am registered with the Yoga Alliance.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share the practice of yoga with those who are interested in learning.