Youth Services




Youth Services

The Fitness Pursuit knows how important it is for your family to be healthy, and all ages have goals that are important to them. Here are options:



Personal Coaching – TFP Coaches can work on a number of goals, increasing strength, flexibility, weight management, swim technique, bike handling, run training, TRI Prep and probably more

Group Programs – programs are already in place for ages 4 to 17 for swim training, TRI training and components of each

Testing – VO2 Max, Body Fat and Technique can all be assessed

As you are assessing options for your youth, we know there are many options at TFP and other places. Please contact Coach Matt to help you determine what is best for your child’s goals.

Youth Levels focus & mastery areas:

Level 1-safety talk, face in water, walking in the water, changing direction, taking breaths, bobbing and transitioning from assisted to on own- front & back float, kicking on stomach, back and arm stroking

Level 2-safety talk, jumping in, retrieving from bottom, gliding on front & back, treading water, front & back stroke, timing breath and breathing to the side

Level 3-safety talk, technique improvement for freestyle swimming with the Endless Pool Current

Level 4-safety talk and tolerating speed workouts designed for advanced swimmers(similar to adult swim speed but designed for youth distance goals)

Coaches will suggest the appropriate  level for your child.  Additional swim practice is recommended whether with parent or coach.

Current class offerings can be viewed here. Classes are added with requests and interest.