May 2012

Sweat Rate!


Do you what sweat rate is? When you workout you use water to do work and to cool the body. The water lost in these processes  is your sweat rate, usually referred to per hour rate. The sweat rate varies based on body size, effort, temperatures, humidity, sun and genetics. At 70 degrees, sunny and 60% humidity a smaller person could expect to lose about 2lbs per hour to a larger person 5lbs.

Now it isn’t necessary to replace 100% back but you need to make sure you don’t lose 2-3% of your normal body weight. So, it is necessary to test through weighing yourself to help you predict what your rate will be as the weather conditions change and effort change. Every pound you don’t want to lose requires 16oz of fluid.

THEN, you have to have an understanding of how salty your sweat is. The aver pound of sweat has about 300mg of sodium in it. So again this is where the 2-3% comes in. We need to replace all but that 750-1200mg of sodium from either drinking replacement drink that have electrolytes or take in capsules like Salt Stick.

If you get below the hydration 2-3% line you will notice the body not able to produce the normal speed/power that you usually can at the effort/heart rate. Once it gets even further it will be really hard to do a lower speed/power and heart rate. If the electrolytes/sodium/salt get below that 2-3% you will notice cramps, challenge producing at same heart rate and mental focus will go down.

If you plan to do any workouts or races over an hour, this is a must know! Start weighing yourself before and after and know how many ounces you drank so you can do the math.


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21mph Challenge

How good are you? How good are you at working as a team? We did a 21mph challenge last year that many enjoyed and it seemed to help those believe in their ability. Here is how it will work this year:

-route is the TFP Sun ride

-Sundays May 13,  June 17,  & July 8

-times will be posted as we get closer but assume 830am or earlier

-women solo-19+ mph will be rewarded

-women team-20+mph

-Coed team-21+mph

-men solo-21+mph

-men team-22+mph

-reward will be posted with each session time post

-make sure you post these in your training plan if you plan to do them

-get your team organized, team= you and 1 other person to allow for drafting



FREE  Weekly Bikes from TFP

Sundays-Starting April 1 at 830 am


TFP Take Over Plan

TFP Take Over was designed to allow TFP to come together an show their pride and ability to the local races along with some good old fashioned competition between its athletes! TFPers will often do other races in large numbers but these will be the 3 we ask you to highly consider. Make a note in your calendar now.  After assessing past years take overs and local event schedules that TFPers tend to follow for various goals, here are the adjustments:
-Coach Matt with collaboration with coaches and athletes has chosen the events.

1. Cary Half Marathon
Sunday March 18
Registration will open and close on Dec 31stWHY?1-to get TFP running early
2-to get TFP running enough miles early
3-to challenge TFP
4-to show the local runners a TFP Take Over
5-to encourage TFP to get to race weight early in the year to handle this distance and the hills
6-to give focus to the Preseason Perfection Running Program TFP runs from Dec 31- the Sat before
2. Reach Out & Run 5k
Sat April 21st 
Registration should open early 2012WHY?1-to get TFP running fast early in the year2-to challenge TFP to push hard
3-compare to past since TFP has done this many years
4-show local runner a TFP Take Over
5-to continue to encourage race weight through going fast
6-to give a initial focus to the Super Summer Speed Running Program to
start March 20th Tue 6pm
3. Pleasant Prairie TRI/Du
Sun June 24th
Registration is openWHY?1-to get TFP racing multi-sport early
2-offers Olympic TRI, Sprint TRI, Sprint DU & Kids TRI
3-compare to past results
4-to show local multi-sporters a TFP Take Over
5-to give focus to Tri Training Program & I-Can-Tri program & TRI Clinics
Junior TRI Clinic Series

Transformation Triathlete by TFP

YOU will want to check this out. Look at the photos and see  TFP’s project for 2012. The project goal is 40lbs of weight loss and finishing an olympic tri as the first ever tri. TFP is very excited about this project. TFPers please help support this. Like it on Facebook, Post messages, High five them, Etc. We will be changing lives forever! Click here to see the Facebook page.


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TFP is Hiring

-Personal Trainer-Need 1-2

-Massage Therapist-Need 1

-Endurance Coach-Need 1-2

Contact Coach Matt if you are interested or know someone