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Coach Lauri Robinson
Coach Kelli Richter

Certified by:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • USA Cycling Coach
  • RRCA Distance Running Coach
My experience with triathlons began in 2002 with Team in Training. My coaches were such amazing people that I was inspired to continue on with the sport and help others become more involved. Since then I have worked with the US Navy as a Running Specialist for the Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School, coaching future Navy Seal candidates. After a successful Ironman WI in 2008, I came to TFP to expand my coaching/training abilities. One year ago I started working with the Developmental Age Group swimmers on Deerfield’s Club swim team-COHO. I am currently in my third year as assistant Cross Country Coach at Lake Forest College, and this winter I will add Assistant Swim Coach at LF to my resume. My goal is to show people that anything is possible. My first day with Team in Training I could barely swim to the other end of the pool. I wouldn’t ride my bike longer than I had to, and running… well…. To date I have had some incredible success. I love coaching and I enjoy watching others experience the amazing benefits of exercise and endurance training.



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6-9am; 4-7:30pm
6-9am; 4-7:30pm
6-9am; 4-7:30pm
6-9am; 4-7:30pm
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