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Coach Terry Harth
Danskin 2007
Barb Provost

Watching those I knew and those I didn't know cross the finish line at Danskin was so inspiring. I saw moms and daughters holding hands, friends holding hands, and women in their 80s crossing the line. 

As I was biking up the hill, there was a young girl who had a picture of a beautiful woman (it looked like an old time photo) clipped to the back of her shirt. I told her that I loved, loved, loved her photo, and without a conversation, I knew she was biking up that hill with a loved one in mind. Perhaps it was someone taken by cancer. As an educator, I know that education and learning opportunities are everywhere. I think back about all that I have learned by participating in triathlons.

 It was only a few years ago when my friend, Terry, and I used to work out in our neighborhood's little workout room on Saturday mornings. Then we heard about this triathlon group starting.  I remember saying to her, "I'm not gonna do the tri, but I want to work out with a group."  Ha - look how far we have all come!

So, in reflection - here are some things I learned from this year's race:
I learned - No matter how well marked everything may be - strangers still will show you the way (did I mention I didn't know where my transition location was after the bike?  A lovely woman helped me find it).
I learned - to encourage a struggling runner to come along with you - stranger, friend or struggling running companion - so that we all make it to the finish line together
I learned - biking with the wind at your back is a lot more fun then biking with the wind at your front.
I learned - you don't have to wash your feet after the swim - just put on your socks/ shoes and go!
And from a shirt I saw at the race - "it's not about the time it's about getting up the next day and vowing to do it all over again!"  (for me that one is powerful). When I started learning how to swim, I joined Matt's Swim Club on Sunday nights.  I was the slowest swimmer in the slowest lane. What a bummer!  When my husband asked me what I was going to do about it, I said I was going back next week to try again! I am still not the fastest swimmer - but I am in a lake and that is a victory in itself!  Yea!!







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