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Personal Coaching

There are several types of personal coaching options that may work best for you. Read below to get a sampling of the different sessions that TFP offers. Also, please feel free to suggest activities for a truly personalized experience! Pricing is for in-studio sessions; should you wish for an appointment outside of the studio, please email for outside session prices.

One Hour Session
One Hour for Group of Two
One Hour for Group of Three or More
Extra 30 Minutes (Add-On)

Body Composition Analysis

Body fat percentage is an important health indicator. A skin fold caliper test will tell you what a healthy body fat percentage range is for your age/gender, as well as how much fat/weight you can and/or should lose to achieve your body composition/ competitive performance goals. Regular tests should be scheduled in order to track goal progress.

Design Your Own Workout

Time to put the talk into action! Sessions will include direction and feedback with resistance training, swimming, biking, running, or cross-training (kayaking, golfing, rollerblading, mountain biking, tennis, skiing, anything else you'd like to do?). Tell us what you'd like your session to entail for a fun personal coaching experience!

Range of Motion Analysis

Stretching and flexibility is an essential part of any fitness program. TFP offers range of motion (ROM) analyses in order to assess current flexibility. Personal training sessions can include assisted and/or facilitated stretching suggestions and instruction.

Technique Analysis

For athletes seeking sport-specific advice, The Fitness Pursuit offers swim-stroke, running gait, bike pedal stroke, and weight-training technique analyses. Sessions may take place in the Studio, at your home (addtional costs may apply), on the road, in the pool, or in the lake.

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