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Exercise Metabolic Rate

Determine current heart rate training zones and fuel efficiency. The EMR assessment can be done on a bike or a treadmill and will answer the following questions:

  • How many calories do you burn while exercising?
  • How well do you burn fat (for performance or weight loss goals)?
  • How should you train to meet your future goals?
  • How should you train in order to prevent injuries and bonking?
  • What is an EMR test like?
Resting Metabolic Rate

Nutrition and physical exercise are two key components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Understanding your resting metabolism can help you manage your caloric requirements along with exercising. The RMR assessment will help you understand:

  • How many calories do you burn at rest?
  • How many calories should you consume to lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight?
  • How many calories should you eat while exercising?
  • What is an RMR test like?
Exercise Metabolic Rate
EMR (Per Person - Group of 4 or More)
Resting Metabolic Rate
RMR (Per Person - Group of 4 or More)
New Leaf Mask (can be kept and used for all future assessments)

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